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  • Service Highlights
    Monthly owner ACH disbursement, robust Internet marketing, owner work order reporting, owner/tenant electronic documentation, tenant liability coverage, tenant online payments, management availability.

  • Owner Resources
    1. Law of Real Estate Agency
    2. Should You Require Resident Insurance?

  • Our Property Management Experience Shows...
    We can deliver on high quality property management and maximize investor return. We have successfully managed single-family homes in Oak Harbor since 2010 and we are confident in our efficient and effective business practices. If you feel otherwise, even the day after we place your tenant, let's both rip up the Property Management Agreement. Yes, it's that easy! Our goal is to provide you with a service you feel is invaluable, too hard to pass up, and most importantly too hard not to share with a friend! Is there a catch? No, but our company does have to be profitable; it's what keeps us searching for more competitive advantages and additional value added services.

  • Service Highlights
    1. Property evaluation and recommendations for rental readiness.
    2. Tenant screening including credit, background checks, emplyment verification, and rental history.
    3. Services including online/in-store rent collection, deposit security management, ACH owner disbursement, and owner monthly reporting.
    4. Move in and move out inspections.
    5. Property maintenance management, repair management, and ongoing interior/exterior inspections.
    6. Utility stop/start service assistance and verification.
    7. Convenient and monthly ACH disbursement and electronic statements.

  • How We Advertise
    Advertising includes yard sign and ad postings on, facebook,,,,,, and; and more. The advertising techniques we continue to develop are extremely effective and primarily target high exposure mediums.

  • Tenant Screening Information
    What is the best screening method for prospective tenants? Unfortunately, it is not a 100% cookie cutter approach. There are so many variables to take into account; however, the following is a guide as to the information we use in the decision making process. We are confident in our ability to use the following tools, and more, to maximize your investment.
    1. Fair Housing Act
    2. Initial Inquiry (phone and/or e-mail)
    3. In Person Property Showing
    4. Holding Deposit Readiness
    5. Credit/Criminal Screening
    6. Prior Rent Payment Verification
    7. Approval, Conditional Approval, or Deinal

  • Landlord Obligations
    The landlord must provide and maintain the rental property, and must obey the rules of the rental agreement. The landlord (or his or her representative)
    Must be accessible to the tenant and must:
    Maintain the roof, walls, and structural components.
    Keep common areas reasonably clean and safe.
    Provide a reasonable program for control of pests.
    Provide necessary facilities to supply heat, electricity, and hot and cold water.
    Provide reasonably adequate locks and maintain/safeguard with reasonable care any master key or duplicate keys.
    Maintain appliances furnished with the rental unit.
    Comply with any duties imposed by local laws.
    The landlord may not knowingly rent property that is condemned.
    Washington State: RCW 59.18.060. Landlord - Duties

  • What about when things go wrong with the tenant?
    We try our best to resolve and negotiate a solution with the tenant within the confines of the lease agreement and law. Unfortunately, situations do arise when tenants do not perform which results with an eviction. An eviction is bad for all parties involved, including our business. The owners and tenants both lose out as well. The tenant might have housing difficulties for years to come while the homeowner is responsible for legal fees, rent loss, eviction fees, and temporary property possession loss.


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