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Tenants  contact us

  • Required for Application (application incomplete without this form)
    1. Tenant Consent and Release (see online application terms)
        Applicant Name(s) 18 years and older:

  • Tenant Resources - Prior to Move In
    1. Landlord/Tenant Rights (tenant information)
    2. Tenant Screening Criteria (tenant information)
    3. Tenant Liability Insurance (may or may not apply)

  • Tenant Resources - Day of Move In
        Applicant Name(s) 18 years and older:
        Property Address:
    1. Move-In Condition (tenant completes, landlord verifies)
    2. Smoke Detector Notice (landlord/tenant completes)
    3. Carbon Monoxide Notice (landlord/tenant completes)
    4. DOH Got Mold Brochure (tenant information)
    5. EPA Lead Paint Brochure (tenant information)
    6. Delivery of Documents (tenant information)

  • Tenant Resources - Moving Out
    1. Notice to Vacate (tenant completes)
    2. Tenant Cleaning Guide (tenant information)

  • Tenant Obligations / Tenant Must
    Pay rent.
    Keep the premises clean and sanitary.
    Not damage or permit damage to the unit.
    Dispose of garbage.
    Properly use fixtures and appliances.
    Restore the property to its initial condition, except for normal wear and tear at the end of the term.
    Comply with the rental agreement.

    If the Tenant fails to perform his or her duties, the Landlord may seek to evict the Tenant. If a Tenant fails to maintain the premises, the Landlord may:
    Evict the Tenant.
    Make repairs and bill the Tenant; and/or
    Sue the Tenant for damages or to force compliance with the rental agreement.

  • Utility and Other Resources for Renters
    Puget Sound Energy 1-888-25-5773 (If you’re calling from out-of-state dial 425-452-1234.)
    Comcast 1-877-824-2288
    Frontier 1-855-820-6343
    Water/Sewer/Garbage: (account can only be setup in person)
    City of Oak Harbor
    865 SE Barrington Dr
    Oak Harbor, WA 98277
    Cascade Natural Gas
    Call the propane company listed on your tank. It should be one of the following:
    Corey Oil & Propane 360-675-2050
    Northern Energy Propane 360-331-6707 or 1-866-220-1960
    Skagit Farmers Supply (Cenex) 1-888-757-6053
    Amerigas Propane 360-675-5939


    Oak Harbor Real Estate
    Oak Harbor Property Management

    phone: 360-672-8800 email:
    31570 SR 20 #201B
    Oak Harbor, WA 98277